Mountain Flying

Sharpes Aero has two options for licensed pilots:
– Introduction to Mountain Flying
– Mountain Flying Course

Introduction to Mountain Flying

Just like any certificate or rating, there is a ground portion and a flight portion. While Sharpes Aero could provide several hours of ground school training at the ground school rate, a better path is to take the AOPA Mountain Flying Course. Be sure to bring your certificate when we meet for your intro flight. This will help our preflight briefing go quicker.

For the flight, we will depart the Albuquerque Sunport and fly through the pass between the Sandia and Manzano Mountains. This will give you a chance to fly beside terrain! From there we’ll turn north to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and then west to land on Runway 27 at Los Alamos. We’ll then head back to the Sunport by departing Los Alamos on Runway 9. Yes, this is a one way in / one way out airport for the good reason you will see! On the way back, I’ll introduce the canyon turn and you can practice it a time or two.

As planned with zero winds, time in flight will be about 1.7 hours.

Mountain Flying Course

This program being developed..