Instrument Rating Instruction

Training for the Instrument Rating

There is only one greater frustration for a VFR pilot waiting for weather to clear at an en-route airport. It’s watching other pilots depart with an IFR clearance. What’s the difference between them and you? It’s their ability to safely fly by reference to instruments, navigate with certainty using ground- and space-based aids, and confidently communicate with air traffic controllers.

IFR pilots weren’t born with what may seem to be near-magical gifts. Rather, all of them were VFR pilots who looked at the challenges and opportunities unlocked by an IFR rating and decided to go for it. Sharpes Aero can help you turn the key and open the doors to flying more confidently and safely even when ceiling and visibility are unlimited.

The FAA’s expectations for those wanting an IFR airplane rating are laid out in the first four paragraphs of §61.65, “Instrument rating requirements”:

  • General requirements that include preparing for and passing the knowledge and practical exams
  • The knowledge needed to fly on instruments
  • The ability to fly on instruments
  • The piloting experience needed to demonstrate that knowledge and ability have been successfully integrated

To gain the knowledge needed to fly IFR, Sharpes Aero highly recommends the Online Instrument Rating Written Exam Course by King Schools. Contact Sharpes Aero for information on how to save at least 20% off the purchase price.

Sharpes Aero coordinates your ground lessons with each instructional flight so that one reinforces the other – knowledge and experience creating wisdom. Hence, this integrated approach makes your learning more efficient, enabling you to satisfy the FAA prerequisites more quickly and confidently.