Discovery Flights

Discovery Flight

A Discovery Flight is your opportunity to learn about flight and the basics of flying.

The airplane we’ll be using is a Cessna 172 Skyhawk, one of the safest aircraft ever made.

Here’s what you can expect:.

  • Before going out to the plane, we’ll take about 15-20 minutes to talk about safety and what we will be doing in the sky
  • Next will come a preflight inspection of the plane, using checklist procedures published by Cessna
  • Once in the cockpit, we’ll finish the preflight and then taxi to the runway for takeoff
  • Once aloft, you’ll experience the feel of flying a plane, with climbs, straight and level flight, turns, and descents
  • After about 45 minutes we’ll return for a landing
  • On the ground we’ll chat about the flight and I’ll answer any questions you will have

After we start the engine we’ll put on headsets that let us talk to each other as well as to air traffic control. (Your headset has been cleaned in accordance with COVID-19 guidance.)

Now, sometimes the air can have bumps. I’ll do my best to avoid them but if we do it’s nothing to worry about. That said, be sure to let me know if you start to feel queasy (it happened to me on my first flight in a training plane). Just let me know and I’ll get us on the ground ASAP. Don’t let that discourage you, though. After that flight I wasn’t bothered by it again and it’s likely your experience will match mine.

Because this is a small plane, I do have to pay attention to weight and balance. The standard passenger weight for men is 190 lbs and 150 lbs for women. Let me know before we fly if you’re much over that.

OK, all that’s left is getting you to the plane. I fly out of the Sunport at Cutter Aviation, across the runway from the terminal building. Here’s a link to their website that includes a map:

Discovery Flights are $140 (plus tax) and include a log book for this and your future flights.

To set up an appointment, contact me by email ( or call me at 505 259-6583